Boat owners are often allured to the beauty and elegance of teak, but not everyone knows that a teak deck isn’t “simply a wooden floor” with rubber seams between the various staves!


A deck of solid teak is a completely handmade product, the result of a meticulous and careful choice of materials, from the teak to the rubber for the seams .

The staves must be aged well, have a straight grain, and a dense texture for greater duration, as well as a yellow blonde colour, and as uniform as possible to ensure a flawless appearance over the years.

No knots or showy black streaks, veins, or micro cracks, and staves need to be pencil grade and not flamed to assure even consumption with time.

Those who offer inexpensive decks compromise on the quality and on the cut of the staves. An inexpert eye is perhaps unable to recognize the difference between a pencil grade teak deck and a flamed one. They may appear similar initially, but in reality they’re quite different, and time will confirm this!

Needless to say, the first step in getting a high quality deck is to choose the best teak trunks with the fewest possible defects. These are then carefully selected to assure the correct sizes to produce long lasting and stable pencil grade slats.

The same care must be given to the outer frame, as well as the main staves. The entire outer frame must be smooth and seams must be uniform, as the width of these seams is carried out over the entire deck.

The rubber needs to maintain its elasticity and other properties over time.   It should not stain, melt, or discolor in the case of lighter colors.

Only with these features can the end product be called a teak deck.

While this results in a higher initial cost of course, the quality and duration in years cannot be compared to the decks made in an assembly line fashion.   One is truly art…

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