The Finn class is going Italian over the next few weeks with two major championships taking place at almost opposite ends of the country – Gaeta and Torbole – with a combined total pre-entry of more than 500 boats. Both events are notable landmarks for the class, but for different reasons.

The Finn Gold Cup is first up and begins in scenic Gaeta this weekend, with around 80 pre-entries. The Finn World Masters follows immediately in Torbole on Lake Garda on Friday 13 May.

It may well yet prove to be unlucky for some, but those lucky enough to be competing in Gaeta will be taking part in the 60th Finn Gold Cup, which concludes on Friday 13. Meanwhile those heading to Torbole for the Finn World Masters (and there are many sailors doing both events) will be part of the largest Finn event of all time. There have been an astonishing, but not really unexpected, 420 pre-entries.

Both of these landmarks highlight the popularity and strength of the Finn Class at the moment. It is a modern classic which attracts and nurtures sailors from all generations and all walks of life. It is a fantastic ambassador for Olympic sailing at its best, but also a school of life for ambitious young sailors, and a great thoroughbred for those who like close, tactical, singlehanded racing, and which keeps you young and always coming back for more. It remains for many, of all ages, the ultimate challenge. It is a class for life in a sport for life.


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