A small historical Paradise

Ventotene distance from Gaeta 26 miles

Ventotene is situated along the border between Lazio and Campania and is a small island, only 3 kilometers long and 800 meters wide. Inhabited only by 700 people, Ventotene also includes the small island of Santo Stefano, far from the east side only one mile.

The island, that used to be called Pandaria from the Greeks, is famous because during the II century BC, Giulia, the daughter of the Emperor Augusto was exiled 5 years for adultery. The same punishment imposed to Agrippina, Tiberio’s niece.

In Ventotene the Romans built a harbor where they used to anchor their fleet and extensively used by the Bourbon. The Roman port is still greatly used for boats that can reach 13 meters of length. Ventotene is also famous for its peace and wild nature. Not to be missed, the Antiquarium, that hosts remains found on the island and under the sea.

The island has also become famous along Europe after the Ventotene Manifesto, written by Altiero Spinelli, “Father Founder of the European Union”.


Santo Stefano distance from Ventotene 1/2 mile