Beautiful beaches and legends from the Mediterranean Sea

Ponza distance from Gaeta 35 miles

Mediterranean nature, crystalline sea, bays and small harbors: this is Ponza, the largest island of the Pontine archipelago. The island, colonized by the Etruscans, is famous for its history, but also as the mythological island of Circe, the legendary witch the Omer describes in his Odissey. The cave which takes its name from the witch is situated in the west part of the island, between the beaches of Capo Bianco and Chiaia di Luna.

During the centuries, the island has been inhabited by the Phoenicians, the Greeks, the Romans and the Byzantines. The historical ruins are still intact, and visitors can explore the Roman villas and the underground tunnels perfectly preserved.

Ponza has fishing and yachting harbor that can accommodate more or less 200 boats. The highest hill of this Pontine islands is Monte Guardia. In Ponza there are only two narrow streets that cross the island from north to south, for this reason, it is advisable to walk around driving small cars or riding scooters.

Ponza offers to its tourists: great hospitality, excellent food, a Mediterranean climate and amazing natural beauties such as the beaches of Chiaia di Luna, Frontone and Cala Feola. It is also advisable to anchor.


Palmarola distance from da Gaeta 35 miles

Palmarola distance from Ponza 5 miles

The lovely uninhabited island

Palmarola is located in the west part of the archipelago and has beautiful bays and anchorages. The island is uninhabited, but there are few little houses and a small restaurant on the Cala Porto beach.

The anchorage is permitted at Punta Tramontana, on the astonishing bay called “the cathedral”, characterized by steep reefs, where during the afternoon you could see some goats herding.

It is also possible to swim in the gorgeous caves under the cliff and swim through the “Faraglioni del Mezzogiorno”.