A coastline divided between mountains and sea

The coastline in Gaeta, is among the most attractive in the area: fine sand beaches, detached by rock formations from which stand out Genoan towers, protected by steep rocks and mountain chains. Starting from the beach of S. Agostino, the bay offers a gorgeous view of streams and caves. Undoubtedly the most popular caves are the cave of Tiberius, the cliff of Monte Orlando and the Split Mountain, where the beach of Serapo stretches, not far from Flavio Gioia nautical baseline.

S. Agostino beach

Known as the S. Agostino plain, is one of the longest beaches in Gaeta and also one of the busiest. This beach is easily reachable and also well served by numerous restaurants and bathing establishments. Also, behind the beach there is a big attraction for free climbing lovers, Mountain Moneta, a 359 meters high top.

Arenauta beach

This beach, protected from the coastal road thanks to the rocks, is extremely well known and attended by nudists. The human intervention is not really visible, and for this reason impervious private accesses or the famous 300 stairs are the only possible ways to get to this beach. This beach, is completely different from the others in the area, it looks like a small piece of heaven, because, as said before, the environment hasn’t been affected at all.

Ariana beach

The peculiar name of this beach brings back to its meaning “clean air”, in fact, this is the section of coast in Gaeta that has gained the Blue flag, thanks to its crystalline sea, its fine sand and its dominant Mediterranean woodland

Serapo beach

Serapo is the major beach in Gaeta, located in the heart of the town and not far from its historical part. The beach 1500 meters long has beautiful golden sand and hosts many bathing establishments, bars and restaurants. From this bay, visitors can enjoy a unique view, in particular, the astonishing biological site of the ship of Serapo, a rock with an oblong and straight shape that recalls a ship.

Fontania beach

Reachable by foot and swimming, Fontania is a small beach a little bit more north than Serapo and not far from the ship of Serapo. Thanks to the attractive underwater environment, this beach is usually attended by the ones who lover underwater excursions. The marine habitat includes local rocks, sand, flowers and wildlife. This small oasis is also often visited by locals during out of season periods.