A journey in Gaeta’s mouthwatering cuisine

Gaeta’s culinary tradition is principally based on fresh fish as the main ingredient. The reason why fresh fish is so important in Gaeta’s cuisine, is connected not only to its position adjacent to the sea, but also because the fishponds built during the Roman era are currently used for bass, sea bream and mussels farming. 

Local dishes: Tiella and Caniscione

One of the typical recipes of Gaeta’s culinary tradition is the tiella, a kind of pizza, stuffed with vegetables, olives, greens and fish, such as polyps, anchovies and sardines, perfect for a smart lunch by the sea.

Similar to the tiella, but with a different stuffing, is the caniscione, made of fried pizza dough with a half-moon shape and stuffed with fresh goat cheese. This is a very traditional dish that used to be eaten during the transhumance from the sea to the Molise’s mountains.

Gaeta’s black olives

Gaeta’s olives are popular all over the world and are sold in almost every grocery in the town and in the adjoining areas. Also cited in Virgilio’s Aeneid, Gaeta’s olive groves were cultivated since the Roman era. The black quality of olives, which differ accordingly to the type of storage used, have also received the PDO designation.


Among the typical products grown in the area, there is a number of vegetables and local greens, such as Spagnoletta tomatoes and Gaeta’s Catalan chicory, also known as puntarella.

For those who would like to taste the local dishes, there are many restaurants and bistros ready to welcome the customers with fancy and detailed dishes with a good value for price.