The most expert weavers in Europe

San Leucio is the head quarter of antique Bourbon silk farms, famous all over the world, are located in the area of Caserta. In 1773, Ferdinand IV, tired of the palace’s chaos and of the court intrigues, decided to build a new home, moving in a private and quite place, where he could spend some time in peace. He chose to build his new residence on the hills along the Park of Caserta, where there were the ruins of an old chapel dedicated to Saint Leucio, a martyr from Brindisi.

The new home, that included a vineyard and a small wood, used to be attended only by the king for brief periods and taken care of by some guardians with their families. On December 17th 1778, the eldest son of the king and hier to the throne, died of smallpox. The King, shocked by this event decided to create a hospice for the poor on the region, also creating for them a factory.

In 1776, Ferdinand IV creates the Royal silk colony of San Leucio, whose aim was to exceed the beauty of the silk textiles produced in France. Thanks to the hard work of the most expert weavers of France and Italy, the textiles from Saint Leucio became a big request all over Europe, still decorating the Royal Palaces of the whole world.

How to get there:

By car: get the highway towards Cassino and take the A1 at the exit in South Caserta.