Walking around the folkloristic part of Rome

Rome does not need to be introduced, rich in historical, cultural and artistic attractions, is the most visited and interesting city in the all world.  It would be limitative to list all the nice things that could be done in Rome, but we can definitely suggest something extremely peculiar.

Outdoor markets

The outdoor markets, don’t always sell only souvenirs and presents for friends and family, but they represent an important attraction in the Italians life, offering different goods: useless junk, but also precious pieces of art.

Porta Portese

Porta Portese is the most popular and most attended non-food market in Rome, that developed as a typical flee market. Located right outside the famous door, it reaches Via Portuense and the neighborhood of Trastevere.

Every Sunday morning the market is attended by hundreds of people. Over the years the stands have been replaced by fixed structures. Even thou the area is completely abandoned, attending the Sunday morning market in Porta Portese is still an extremely loved practice for locals and tourists.

Via Sannio

It is a market specialized in clothes and accessories where you can make great deals. If you can’t find much, you can also take a look at Saint John in Lateran, the personal church of the Pope.

Open from Monday to Saturday from 09.00 AM until 4:30 PM.