Monte Orlando and the “Split Mountain”

The Monte Orlando Park is located on a wooded hill, nowadays a protected area, and placed between the beach of Serapo and the medieval part of Saint Erasmo. The park is one of the most marvelous along the coastline of Lazio and provided of the typical examples of Mediterranean woodland such as carob trees, Alina trees, mirth and mastic trees.

The park is closed to traffic, so it represents the perfect place to go for a walk, to go jogging or to ride a bike. On the mountain is also located the sanctuary of the Holy Trinity, hosted on the Split Mountain area. The site’s name comes from the enormous crack produced by natural causes, even if it is surrounded by a religious legend. For this reason nowadays the mountain’s wall is still a big pilgrimage destination.

The mausoleum of Munazio Planco, a Roman Counsel, is located on the top of Monte Orlando. From this spot the view is amazing; it is actually possible to see Ischia, Ventotene, Ponza and the promontory od Circeo. In the lower part of the mountain is located the protected marine area of Monte Orlando, the WWF blue Oasis, the beautiful cliffs, a big attraction for experienced climbers, and deep waters for expert divers.