A thrilling journey in remote places and ages

A tour in the underground part of Naples is a necessary stop if you are visiting the city: a hidden area, full of history that allowed the researchers and historians to discover an enormous and unique heritage. We are talking about civil engineering works, that had been abbandoned for a long time, but that now have been taken back to life, thanks to the great job done by the association “Napoli Sotterranea”. Indescribable beauties and evocative places that need to be explored.

After an intense activity of renovation and valorization, in the last 30 years, Napoli Sotterranea has organized excursions in the most attractive and breathtaking places in the heart of the city, not only to allow a public use of these beauties, but also letting the people know and love Naples. This amazing activity, was an important starting point for other projects, in Italy but also around Europe, supported by the association.

Attending the excursion means making a journey in the past, from the Greek era, until present, in 40 meter of depth between tunnels and tanks. During the excursion, you will have the chance to take a look at the ruins of the Greek-Roman aqueduct and the anti-raid shelters of the Second World War; you will also visit the War Museum, the underground garden (www.ortipogei.it), the Seismic Station of Arianna, and much more. At last, you will also visit for free the ruins of the old Greek-Roman Theater.

During summer time it is advisable to wear comfortable shoes and a sweatshirt, also, arrow paths, like tunnels, are totally optional.