Another “road-trip” day with our cruisers in port to the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Canneto, only 65 km from Gaeta. Near the source of the Melfa River, it lies in the National Park of the Lazio, Molise, and Abruzzo regions.
Upon arrival to the designated area, we set off on our mountain walk, immersed in the natural beauty of the area. We were accompanied by a light snow as we reached our destination, at the foot of a very special waterfall that was the place of prayer for Pope Wojtyla.
Accompanied by Rosato, an expert guide to the area, we were delighted by his anecdotes, his pleasant disposition, and his humorous attempts to teach the local dialect to Robert, our Australian friend!
After our leisurely walk back, we transferred to Picinisco to have lunch at Casa Lawrence. This farm not only prepares excellent dishes using local fare, but also produces amazing cheeses which were part of the incredible meal we enjoyed.
The Lawrence house takes it’s name from DH Lawrence, the english writer who resided there in the early 1900’s, and where the book “The Lost Girl” was completed. It was interesting to visit the museum-home where the writer lived, and take a walk through yesteryear before heading back.
After an intense day, it was a relaxing drive to Gaeta, with a few folks even dosing off until we arrived in port.
A fun time was had by all!