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Gaeta offers to its tourists an amazing natural combination of mountains and sea: coasts and beaches are protected by a green bare mountain chain that mitigates the climate. Gaeta is extremely rich in culture, history and art from older days that keep affecting the sea town’s style. There are many churches, the Bourbon castle and several picture galleries that host pieces of art from different periods. The ancient wisdom and the traditional taste are still alive in the locals everyday life, even if they have somehow been influenced by a pinch of modernity with attracting and lively night lives for younger people. 

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The beaches | The beauties of Gaeta

A coastline divided between mountains and sea The coastline in Gaeta, is among the most attractive in the area: fine sand beaches, detached by rock formations from which stand out Genoan towers, protected by steep rocks and mountain chains. Starting fr

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Monte Orlando and the “Split Mountain” The Monte Orlando Park is located on a wooded hill, nowadays a protected area, and placed between the beach of Serapo and the medieval part of Saint Erasmo. The park is one of the most marvelous along the coastlin

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Tastes and traditions

A journey in Gaeta’s mouthwatering cuisine Gaeta’s culinary tradition is principally based on fresh fish as the main ingredient. The reason why fresh fish is so important in Gaeta’s cuisine, is connected not only to its position adjacent to the sea, bu

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History, art and culture

The origin of Gaeta, history and tradition The origin of Gaeta goes back to the VII century BC, when the town was a small village on the sea, located on a hill, called “Capuchins hill” in a leading position. At the beginning the village of fishermen an