Rome and Naples just a couple of kilometres far from Gaeta!

Gaeta is located half way between Rome and Naples, representing a perfect starting point for enjoyable and fun trips and excursions along the territories of Lazio and Campania. A stay in our beautiful sea town also means interesting visits to the cities of art and culture known all over the world.

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One day trip around Rome The town of Orvieto is famous for its gothic architecture, whose perfect representative is the marvelous Dome. Orvieto is one of the most antique cities of Italy: its first dwellers, during the XI century BC, were Etruscans who

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The gardens in Tivoli include Villa d’Este, with its fountains and gardens and Villa Adriana, built in 125 BC. Villa d’Este, masterpiece of the Italian garden is listed in the World Heritage, thanks to the number of fountains, water lilies, caves, wate

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Rome and Surroundings

Walking around the folkloristic part of Rome Rome does not need to be introduced, rich in historical, cultural and artistic attractions, is the most visited and interesting city in the all world.  It would be limitative to list all the nice things that

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Herculaneum (Naples)

The archeological site of Ercolano The old town of Ercolano, together with Pompei, Stabiae and Oplonti was covered by a blanket of ashes, lapillus and mud in 79 BC, during the eruption of the Vesuvius. Discovered by luck in 1709 during the excavation f

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A tour in the underground Naples

A thrilling journey in remote places and ages A tour in the underground part of Naples is a necessary stop if you are visiting the city: a hidden area, full of history that allowed the researchers and historians to discover an enormous and unique herit

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Spaccanapoli | Churches – Museums – Pizza

An incredible Partheopean neighborhood of history, handicraft and taste If you are going to Naples, you must stop at Spaccanapoli, one of the most famous streets of the Parthenopean city, located in the old part of Naples. There is so much to see, but