Boat Storage and Refitting

We take care of your boat 100%

In the boatyard of the marina we offer both both ordinary and extraordinary storage for your boat, including covering your vessel with a tensile structure.

Performing some small but essential periodical maintenance operations will lengthen your boat’s functionality.

Moreover, by relying on our expert personnel, you will save precious time and money.

Our sheds for indoor boat storage can accommodate boats of a length of up to 24 meters.

Improve your motorboat’s performance with our storage and refitting services

In our Marina and Yard, your boat receives constant maintenance all year long: from its winter “hibernation” to its awakening in the warmer seasons, we will take care of improving your boat’s performance with a series of maintenance activities.

When the boat is hauled out for the winter, we offer many services that will maintain the boat’s efficiency for the next season: these services include washing of fenders as well washing and stowing of the cushions; washing and covering the tender; washing and scouring of the bilge; opening of lockers and floor boards; washing of the WC flushing system with fresh water and sanitization with disinfectants; washing of the air conditioner’s cooling system circuit with fresh water,and much more.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a personalized quotation.

Sail safely with your yacht always in peak condition

Our boatyard is a point of reference for yachtsmen throughout the Mediterranean Sea.  The administrator of the port, Luca Simeone, and the manager for the sailing boats in the yard Andrea Lupoli, have both gained an olympic level of sporting experience in olympic sailing and offshore sailing.  This guarantees a highly professional approach that ensures the best technical solutions for our clientele.

It would be a pleasure to board your ship and give you some advice, and why not?  Maybe go for a sail on your yacht together if you’d like to get on the water suggestions.

The Gulf of Gaeta is the perfect regatta race course andit’s also great for training!

With the services we offer at the boatyard, you can maintain your sailboat in excellent condition. Our timely technical interventions on the parts of the boat that are most affected by the wear and tear of time ensure an efficient performance. You as a yacht owner save money, and benefit in terms of the yacht’s safety.

Our operators specifically take care of the treatment of hulls and masts, painting and joinery and indoor restoration, with modernization of the inside and outside of your boat.


The quality of the service received will pleasantly surprise you.

We invite you to contact us for a personalized quotation of the technical interventions you need for your yacht.

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