Trash and Waste Recycling

Base Nautica has three disposal trash deposits for recycling your garbage.

We invite all guests to respect the rules of a correct trash disposal according to the Regolamento Comunale (regulations of the city).

We will give our gusts the instruments and the disposal indication, in order to throw away waste in the proper way. Those who do not follow these waste procedures will be sanctioned by authorities.


Base Nautica has decided to adopt an environmental policy, according to legislation ISO 14000 and addressing the Bandiera Blu award.

It has therefore decided to take on the recycling project promoted by the city of Gaeta.

Unfortunately, many are the problems relating docking, mooring, and other port related issue that do not permit a proper door to door recycling facility. For this reason, there are three deposit areas with different coloured containers, for recycling several types of waste:

  • Brown Container: All food and organic waste must be thrown away here. The trash  must be thrown away in specific organic bags that you can obtain atthe Seafront Office, or at the Chandlery situated near the Main Office in the Boatyard.
  • Yellow Container: Plastic and metals must be thrown away in the yellow container (Aluminium, for instance and cans as well). All metals and plastic must be clean and not inserted in bags.
  • Green Container: glass must be thrown away in the green container without bags. All glass must be rinsed and cleaned.
  • Blue Container: Cardboard and Paper must be thrown away here, without bags. All products must be clean and compacted in order to reduce encumbrance.
  • Grey Container: All trash which is non-recyclable and that cannot be thrown away in other disposals must be thrown away, in nylon bags, here.

Here below are the days of trash pic-up:

  • Monday: Non-recyclable (grey) and organic (brown)
  • Tuesday: Plastic (yellow) and organic (brown)
  • Wednesday: Cardboard and paper (blue) and glass (green)
  • Thursday: Plastic (yellow) and organic (brown)
  • Friday: Non- recyclable (grey)
  • Saturday: Plastic (blue) and organic (brown)


  • Insert waste within the proper container
  • Always wash and rinse your cardboard, glass and plastic waste to avoid any smell while depositing
  • Use bags when needed, recyclable ones for the organic and nylon for other waste
  • Do not throw away special waste in the above-mentioned containers – all dangerous fluids, boating equipment and possible oils.

As for the special trash and of all oils, boating equipment, fuels and dangerous industrial/chemical material or wood waste, do contact our docking personnel.

We remind you that all transgression will be signalled to authorities.

Download our garbage disposal guide in PDF here

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