Environmental Certifications & Qualities

ISO 9001, ISO 14.001 e Bandiera Blu:

The desire to improve our work and try to satisfy our clients, has brought us in 2003 to certificate our company within the quality of legislation ISO 9001 and eventually also within the environmental certification of ISO 14.001 and integrate these two systems therefore.

Our main objective is to propose a service that is able to give answers for all problematics, by using a methodology that consists in respecting principles of work efficiency and staff effectiveness. Base Nautica Flavio Gioia S.p.A. commits itself to ‘make quality’ aiming for a constant research towards facilitating and optimizing any process.

UNI EN ISO 14001

The systematic policy UNI EN ISO 14001 claims a constant activity of sensitising and of information in order to guarantee a respectful behaviour for all people working and acting within our company.

Bandiera Blu

Since 1991 Base Nautica Flavio Gioia has been prized with the reno077wn Bandiera Blu award, given by the FEE for the commitment of eco-sustainability norms.

Environmental Quality

This year Base Nautica Flavio Gioia has implemented and optimized the system of disposal for urban garbage, creating a new area of recycling – as shown in the map.

Crucial Advice For Garbage Management

  • Understanding the map, in order to know where the 3 areas of trash disposals (Per type) are located.
  • Each person is responsible for their own trash and must keep it on their boat of property, throwing them away only once they have reached the disposing facilities.
  • Ask the docking personnel: if in need of oil disposal or any help regarding batteries, and dangerous materials. Carefully procced to hand the material over to the personnel, with attention, in order to not leek any of the fluid.
  • Ask the docking personnel in case of any questions about trash disposal.
  • Do not leave any garbage, liquid, solid or other in the common areas of the port.
  • Throw away all garbage in garbage disposals and external deposits.
  • Take out all plastic, glass and metal components to avoid smelly or non-conforming deposits of trash.
  • Use specific recyclable bags when throwing away compost and organic trash.
  • For all special garbage, such as docking material, boating material a boat related accessories contact the docking personnel directly through telephone: 077131113
  • We kindly remind you that not applying any of these norms for both Urban and Special garbage waste, will be penalized by local authorities.

Crucial advice for saving water

According to the environmental objectives of the FEE Bandiera Blu, our port makes it obligatory for guests to use the diffuser showerhead to rinse off the boats. We recommend you use drinking water only for your personal needs and for all other chores use the non-drinkable one:

  • Red faucet for washing water
  • Green faucet for drinking water
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