Base Nautica Flavio Gioia

BNFG was founded in 1966 by Vittorio Egeo Simeone, who understood and perceived the beauty of the Gulf of Gaeta, and of its perfect positioning for a marina.  At the time, Vittorio was occupied with cinema management, and one of his open air cinemas was situated precisely where the Base Nautica is now.  His passion for sailing and the sea brought him to dedicate himself to his dream every day of his life.

bese nautica flavio gioia 1966

Today the Base Nautica Flavio Gioia is managed by the second generation of the Simeone family, his children Anna and Luca who both inherited his great passion.

A recognized base throughout the Med, the current team is able to offer top quality services for 200 yachts of all sizes up to 70mts.

Our team

staff flavio gioia

The coordinators of our team

Gianni Proietto
Ufficio Amministrativo
Giuseppe Gaudino
Cruiser Port Officer
Jayne Koehler
Lavori imbarcazioni a Motore
Daniele Vasta
Lavori imbarcazioni a Motore
Daniele Vasta
Gianni Proietto
Provveditoria Nautica
Bruno Pignatiello