Dock Services

Our marina is a well-organized port that can moor 200 yachts up to 70 mts. in length.

  • Mooring assistance
  • Assistance on call 24/7 VHF CH9
  • Night guardian
  • Video surveillance system and security guard
  • Drinking water and wash down water
  • Energy supply 63Amp 3P+ N + T
  • 32 Amp IP+N+T
  • Differentiated waste disposal for urban matter
  • Black and gray urban waste collection
  • Qualified diver
  • Administrative and Customs Assistance
  • Laundry collection and drop-off on board
  • Yacht cleaning services
  • Ship chandler
  • Fuel and Additives Bunkering
  • Fuel bunkering at dock for Maxi Yachts
  • Parking
  • Wi-fi

Boat yard

The boat yard.

Our qualified staff works in all sectors of boat maintenance and refitting.

Travel lift

A 100 Ton travel lift is capable of hauling yachts up to 30 mt with drafts up to 4,50 mt

Moveable lift

Moveable lifts of 50 and 70 tons have been used for years to move both motor and sailing yachts to hangars or work areas within the boatyard.


Bunkering for yachts with keels of up to 4,5 mt is also available.


A 16 Ton mobile crane operates for de-masting and engine removal.


Hangars for closed storage of yachts up to 24 mt.

Technical services

  • Mechanic Shop
  • Electrician
  • Electronics expert
  • Painter
  • Carpenter and Woodworking
  • Teak Deck replacement
  • Rigging service
  • Canvas
  • Sailmaker
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