Boat owners are often allured to the beauty and elegance of teak, but not everyone knows that a teak deck isn’t “simply a wooden floor” with rubber seams between the various staves!


A deck of solid teak is a completely handmade product, the result of a meticulous and careful choice of materials, from the teak to the rubber for the seams .

The staves must be aged well, have a straight grain, and a dense texture for greater duration, as well as a yellow blonde colour, and as uniform as possible to ensure a flawless appearance over the years.

No knots or showy black streaks, veins, or micro cracks, and staves need to be pencil grade and not flamed to assure even consumption with time.

Those who offer inexpensive decks compromise on the quality and on the cut of the staves. An inexpert eye is perhaps unable to recognize the difference between a pencil grade teak deck and a flamed one. They may appear similar initially, but in reality they’re quite different, and time will confirm this!

Needless to say, the first step in getting a high quality deck is to choose the best teak trunks with the fewest possible defects. These are then carefully selected to assure the correct sizes to produce long lasting and stable pencil grade slats.

The same care must be given to the outer frame, as well as the main staves. The entire outer frame must be smooth and seams must be uniform, as the width of these seams is carried out over the entire deck.

The rubber needs to maintain its elasticity and other properties over time.   It should not stain, melt, or discolor in the case of lighter colors.

Only with these features can the end product be called a teak deck.

While this results in a higher initial cost of course, the quality and duration in years cannot be compared to the decks made in an assembly line fashion.   One is truly art…

Send us a request for a visit on board, and our deck experto will be happy to evaluate the possibilities with you.


Base Nautica Flavio Gioia, 50 years of service to our clientele.

Guida alla Raccolta dei Rifiuti Urbani nel porto


Base Nautica Flavio Gioia, rewarded this year again with the Bandiera Blu award 2016, from the present season will be adopting the same recycling policies for the urban solid wastes already in place in the nearby town of Gaeta.

In an harbor, expecially in one the provide mooring for small boat to maxi yacht, it is extremely difficult to activate a “door to door” system similar to the one in place in Gaeta and most of Italian cities.

Given these clear differencies, we decided to open three eco-spot, where you can find different recycling bin colored to help you easily dispose of your waste in the best and appropriate way.

Bandiera Blu: anche quest’anno Base Nautica Flavio Gioia tra gli approdi d’eccellenza


Dear Customer,

we are glad to inform you that our Marina has been awarded, for the 20th year, with the prestigious Bandiera Blu award for the maritime harbors .

Bandiera Blu is an international award instituted in 1987, assigned every year in 49 countries, european and not, with the support of UN and UNEP (United Nation Enviroment Project) and UNWTO (UN for Tourism).

Bandiera Blu, or the Blue Flag, is a voluntary eco-label awarded to those places and facilities, devoted to tourism, that prove to be respectful of sustainability management criteria.

We are proud to say that all the efforts our company made in its enviromental policies has been rewarded in such a prestigious way.


Read the original italian letter to customers

Landmark Finn fortnight begins with Finn Gold Cup in Gaeta as 500 sailors head to Italy


The Finn class is going Italian over the next few weeks with two major championships taking place at almost opposite ends of the country – Gaeta and Torbole – with a combined total pre-entry of more than 500 boats. Both events are notable landmarks for the class, but for different reasons.

The Finn Gold Cup is first up and begins in scenic Gaeta this weekend, with around 80 pre-entries. The Finn World Masters follows immediately in Torbole on Lake Garda on Friday 13 May.

It may well yet prove to be unlucky for some, but those lucky enough to be competing in Gaeta will be taking part in the 60th Finn Gold Cup, which concludes on Friday 13. Meanwhile those heading to Torbole for the Finn World Masters (and there are many sailors doing both events) will be part of the largest Finn event of all time. There have been an astonishing, but not really unexpected, 420 pre-entries.

Both of these landmarks highlight the popularity and strength of the Finn Class at the moment. It is a modern classic which attracts and nurtures sailors from all generations and all walks of life. It is a fantastic ambassador for Olympic sailing at its best, but also a school of life for ambitious young sailors, and a great thoroughbred for those who like close, tactical, singlehanded racing, and which keeps you young and always coming back for more. It remains for many, of all ages, the ultimate challenge. It is a class for life in a sport for life.


If you want to read more check out the latest news from the International Finn Association here or take a look at the official event websites for the 2016 Finn Gold Cup

Season Opening


17x24 3 vol camp:Layout 1

Base Nautica Flavio Gioia is happy to invite all the customers to the “2016 Season Opening” cocktail!

The 24h of April, at 10.30 am, at the “Charlie Bravo” Restaurant, inside our Marina,  we’ll present the new team, the new events calendar for 2016, and all the new facilities  of Base Nautica Flavio Gioia.

On this special occasion, we’re pleased to invite all of our friends and clients to join us for a cocktail and a toast to new season.

We hope many of you will join us!


To RSVP please comment below with your Name and number of attendee, thank you!

Punta Stendardo Trophy 2016


Guarda la gallery del Trofeo Punta Stendardo 2015

Volcano Race 2016


Almost 460 miles, from the Gulf of Gaeta through the Eolie Islands, then back to Gaeta for the awards ceremony: as for every year, may is the month of the Volcano Race competition!

All the participants will be moored for free, for the race’s duration, at Base Nautica Flavio Gioia who, along with Yacht Club Gaeta E.V.S. will be supporting and hosting the competition.


If you’re curious about this year race and thinking about attending, you can look at last’s year pictures: we’ll post shortly the entire Volcano Race 2015 photo gallery, but in the meantime we leave you a tasty appetizer of what you’re going to see in may in Gaeta!

You’ll also find the Volcano Race 2016 Notice of Race!



Guarda la gallery della Volcano Race 2015

World Championship Finn


As every year, in may Gaeta is going to become the star of international sailing competitions. 

Starting from the 5th to the 13th of may, Gaeta will host the World Championship Finn and as always Base Nautica Flavio Gioia and Yacht Club Gaeta, E.V.S. will be partecipating.

Initial mesurations of the boat will be held at Base Nautica Flavio Gioia and at the Yacht Club Gaeta E.V.S. winners will be celebrated and awarded.

For everyone hungry for more infos, you can download the official Notice of Race or call our offices in Gaeta where our staff will answer all of your questions.


Sailing events calendar 2016


06 – 07 February    

09 – 10 April  

30 April – 1 May  

05 – 13 May   

16 – 22 May   

24 – 26 June  

25 – 26 June  

02 – 03 July  

08 – 10 July   

03 – 04 September  

17 – 18 September   

LIV/2K “Training Contest”

LIV/2K “Training Contest”

Trofeo Punta Stendardo regata d’altura

Olympic class World Championship “Finn Gold Cup”

Volcano Race  Maxi Yacht

Grandi Vele

National Race Dinghy 12′ class

LIV/2K “Training Contest”

2K  International Race

Trofeo S. Candida regata d’altura / S.Candida Race

Regata derive

Scuola Vela Gaeta


The Yacht Club Gaeta Egeo Vittorio Simeone, founded in 2009, and named after the founder of the Base Nautica Flavio Gioia, is a  FIV and FIC member.

Year after year the Yacht Club Gaeta E.V.S. plays an essential role in organizing festivals and events involving the international sailing world, such as the Rolex Volcano Race, the Audi Melges Series, The European Star Competition, and the Vela d’Altura championship.


The Yacht Club has its own sailing school, which offers members great programs in order to help them appreciate even more the passion of sailing.

Our most popular courses are:

  •  Introduction to Sailing
  • Racing
  • Match Race
  • Team Building

Do you want to know more about it? You can find us at the Yacht Club Gaeta E.V.S. or visit:



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