Jan 14, 2016

Scuola Vela Gaeta


The Yacht Club Gaeta Egeo Vittorio Simeone, founded in 2009, and named after the founder of the Base Nautica Flavio Gioia, is a  FIV and FIC member.

Year after year the Yacht Club Gaeta E.V.S. plays an essential role in organizing festivals and events involving the international sailing world, such as the Rolex Volcano Race, the Audi Melges Series, The European Star Competition, and the Vela d’Altura championship.


The Yacht Club has its own sailing school, which offers members great programs in order to help them appreciate even more the passion of sailing.

Our most popular courses are:

  •  Introduction to Sailing
  • Racing
  • Match Race
  • Team Building

Do you want to know more about it? You can find us at the Yacht Club Gaeta E.V.S. or visit: www.yachtclubgaeta.it/



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